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  • Games start as scheduled

  • Each game consists of four (4) quarters.

  • Each quarter is eight (8) minutes in length. A running clock is used for all play stoppages.

  • There is a two (2) minute break between quarters.

  • Each player is scheduled for a minimum of 2 quarters per game.

  • Game format is 3 vs. 3, NO GOALIES. Everyone plays the full field.

  • Two separate and simultaneous 3 vs. 3 matches are played on adjacent fields

    • A Field – Larger and more skilled players - No coaches on field after first two weeks (Except U5 - as needed)

    • B Field – Smaller and less skilled players - Coaches on field as needed

  • Soccer ball size #3

  • All players must wear shin guards, no exceptions.

  • All Jewelry must be removed, including earrings, no exceptions.

  • Soccer or gym shoes only. No football or baseball cleats allowed.

  • Coaches check in with the referee 2 minutes before game time for the coin toss.

  • The team that wins the coin toss selects which goal to defend or to have the ball first



  • Fields are available for warm-up and final words of encouragement 10 minutes before your game.

  • Sideline Out of bounds results in a kick-in for the other team.

  • 10 Yard Center Circle (5 Yards on each side of the field)

  • Defensive Players must stand outside of circle all starts

  • Defensive Players must stand outside of box on all goal kicks.

  • No play zone – square around the goal

  • End line Out of Bounds By the defending team results in a corner kick for the offense.

  • End line Out of Bounds by the offensive team results in a goal kick.

  • Dead balls in the goal box are the same as End line out of bounds.

  • Hand balls results in an in-direct kick for the other team.

  • Pushing is not allowed and may result in an in-direct kick for the other team.

  • No Slide Tackles are allowed; an in-direct kick is awarded for the other team.

  • No Hooking or Holding is allowed and may result in an in-direct kick.

  • If one team is dominating the game, both coaches should agree to add a player to even out play.

  • Player substitutions during a quarter are allowed only when a player is injured or traumatized.

  • There is no winning or losing team since no score is kept.

  • No Win / Loss records.

  • Every team is a winner if the kids have fun and learn!



  • If in doubt about whether games have been cancelled, check the CP Soccer website www.crownpointsoccer.org or the Crown Point Soccer Club Facebook page.

  • In case of rain or other early stoppage; two (2) complete quarters played equals an official game. An unofficial or cancelled game is made up during the following week. All games times are 6:00 pm. The league will attempt to schedule referees for the makeup game, in an instance when no ref is available, coaches will ref the game.
    9a plays Monday at 6p       
    10a plays Tuesday at 6p
    11a plays Wednesday at 6p
    12p plays Thursday at 6p
    1p plays Friday at 6p

  • If your team cannot play during the scheduled time (whether a scheduling issue or continued weather issues), you must inform the VP and/or your coordinator.

  • A maximum of one cancelled game per season is permitted. Special circumstances not withstanding.